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Tribute to Crews

Tribute to the flight crews who died 9/11/01

When you think of someone's child, brother or sister, significant other, mom or dad, when you feel afraid because of a world seemingly gone mad.

Remember me.

When you cast your eyes upon the ocean or see great buildings crumble and fall, when you think of training tense that was meant to protect and save lives, Remember this time, we weren't trained to prevent this fall. When you're sitting alone on your jump seat small and watching the clouds race by, when in the dark of night seems endless and you ask why? Remember not only me, but also all of us who share this humble path in life, though we sometimes walk it alone, only to realize how fragile and precious each life is.

Remember me, remember us.

I pray that these once feet of clay will once again have wings to fly, To reach the stars and soar with freedom and touch the face of God on high. I pray that this mortal veil of fear that grips our hearts nation wide will soon be lifted, and these crumbled hopes that are now etched with tears will help us once again rise above earthly cares.

Remember us.

Just who am I, who are we that ask to be remembered? We're the souls who too were cast upon the sea. We're the ones who smiled a greeting in the dawn's early morn. We're the ones who tucked you in or got you there safely. We're the ones who listened to stories old and new when no one else would. We're the ones whose lives were lost because we stood between someone's mission and a door. We're the forgotten ones by our nation that grieved over the other souls lost in a mad man's holy war. We're the pilots who made the silver birds fly. We're the flight attendants who made your journey seem like a sweet piece of pie.

Please remember and forget not all of us.

We once had a job that seemed so glamorous because we could fly away. We too had a life, love and family, but that's all been taken away.

Please remember me, remember us.

The others that died on that fateful day have been eulogized and memorialized, but our nation, President and home seem to have forgotten about us.

None seem to remember that we were murdered first.

And now that job that seemed so glamorous and one that we loved so dearly seems cursed. We can't let the bad guys win. We can't withdraw into pain and sorrow. We must go forward and put this aside, to fly again.

Let forgiveness fill your hearts instead of anger or sorrow, for now we are one with the One. Now when you see uniforms walk ahead of bags drawn, and the silver birds soar in freedom once again to dance away into the dawn, let God's Holy light fill your hearts as you remember me, and all of us who once wore wings proudly upon our chests,

For now we wear new wings and soar with the angels on high. Remember, and forget not all of us who fly.

Tribute to the flight crews who died 9/11/01
Barbara E. Manrow - Northwest Airlines - Purser
SEA Base


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